Fund Raising

  • Proposing the plan for the fund raising exercise
  • Preparing a funding offer
  • Liaising with other professionals involved in the exercise
  • Gathering potential investors for participating in the investment
  • Managing the fund raising project

CARES offers comprehensive development management that frees our clients and focus on their central mission. Whether our clients’ needs include campaign planning, management, or donor relations, our executive professionals will work with the clients to determine and deliver optimal level of administrative support. Our unparalleled responsiveness and proven track record ensure that CARES solutions will meet our valued clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

CARES approaches and manages multiple sector-focused investors in parallel to create a competitive environment for any opportunity that arises. With an integrated and realistic approach, CARES seeks to provide clients with the most effective and appropriate financing solution, based on their calculated goals. Advising companies about the suitable type of funds to be sought, identifying the most likely source of funds, preparing the fund raising documentation, ensuring that it complies with prevailing legislation and approaching potential fund provider and negotiating the terms of the funds raised are the primary distinctions that set CARES apart from all others