CARES is a specialist firm that develops, implements and monitors our valued client’s business strategies. We conceptualise, implement and manage entry strategies for companies from across the globe. Our services include Corporate Advisory, Mergers & Acquisitions, Fund Raising, Distressed Debt re-organisation, Trade Financial Services, Financial Risk Management, Transaction Support etc.

We provide innovative and high quality strategic, business and financial services in very close co-operation with our client’s core team. We aim to develop, manage, facilitate and accelerate our client’s businesses in order to enhance its values in the long term. Our strict confidentiality policy and financial independence guarantees utmost discretion to our clients, which is the fundamental cornerstone for sustainable and trustworthy partnerships.

Our partnering approach assists us in understanding the business of each client, and thereafter, anticipates the distinct business, finance, legal and regulatory implications of the opportunities that arise within their field. It is due to this approach that we are able to effectively assist our clients in growing rapidly so as to achieve their strategic objectives as well as help them in meeting and resolving, at an early stage, the challenges, problems and critical issues that confront their businesses from time to time.

We are a specialist firm in Malaysia catering to MSMEs, SMEs, Mid Corporates and Large Corporates in the areas of Corporate and Financial Services such as Capital Raising, Working Capital Management, Financial Compliances, Risk Management and Strategic Business Valuations.

We also works closely with a large pool of investment bankers, legal firms, auditing firms etc. to provide our range of services to their clients.  Our smart partnerships with these professionals enable us to constantly widen our exposure and reach, and at the same time the opportunities for us to enhance our knowledge in various industries to serve our future clients more effectively and diligently.